Challenges of SEO

The digital world is not an easy world. If there are tons of advantages, then there are different kinds of disadvantages as well, well, these are not disadvantages but they are challenges. Everything comes with its own kind of challenge but we have to tackle them one way or the other. For example, if you use Facebook then we are sure that you upload pictures on it as well and we all know that Facebook security is not that tight no matter what happens and that is why almost every day we get issues by people that the id was hacked and the hackers are demanding for a ransom and are threatening in different ways.

So, you see using Facebook is a good idea but there is a challenge of security as well. if you have an online business and you want to make it on the top of the searches then you should use SEO, there are different benefits of using this tool but again there are different challenges as well. and we want you to know the list of these challenges so that you know how to tackle them before hand and the following list of challenges is brought to us by companies of search engine marketing in Dubai and by the companies of Google Adwords in Dubai;

  1. The first issue is that it is expensive. there are different companies who offer SEO services but the fact is that it is super expensive, of course, once done, you will get tons of money back but the initial investment will make you think twice but remember that what is good for your site will turn out to be good for you in the future.
  2. The second issue is that it is very slow. There are some people who don’t understand that SEO takes time and that is why people like to get paid services from google but what they don’t know is that the people who are aware of paid service of google, they never click that site.
  3. The third issue is that there are different ways of doing SEO and all are not guaranteed and you have to try different ways to see which one is the best for your site and that takes a lot of time.