The Different Types of Travel Agencies: What Type Fits You?

There are many different types of travel agencies out there, and it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. Do you want a traditional travel agency that books your flights and hotels for you? Or would you prefer a more boutique agency that specializes in a certain type of travel? We are now going to discuss the different types of agencies and help you decide which one is right for you!

Traditional travel agency

A traditional agency is the most common type of company and will be able to assist you with booking flights, hotels, cruises, tours, etc. This style typically has offices around town where they can meet their clients face-to-face or over the phone if needed. You may have a favorite travel agent who knows everything about your vacation plans because he/she has been working as an agent for years! We love these professionals too (they’re like family). So don’t worry–if all else fails just go back to that same one again next time instead trying something new out there now that might not work well enough yet?

Boutique or niche travel agency

A boutique agency is a smaller company that specializes in one area of expertise. An example can be a travel agency, which focuses on all inclusive resorts and beach vacations for families. This allows them to focus their attention solely on your needs so they’re able to provide you with the best service possible! We specialize in this one aspect alone because we know how important it is when choosing where to go for vacation- especially if there are children involved too (which often happens). If you’re looking for something different than what’s offered elsewhere then try giving us call today!! That way everything will run smoothly since everyone knows exactly what each other does here already too before even starting anything though too now (since we already have experience).

Home-based travel agency

A home based agency is typically a former employee of another travel company. They work from the comfort of their own homes, and can be contacted by phone or email. This style works best if you need assistance with planning your trip but don’t want to visit an office. It’s also great because they’re more flexible in terms of working hours so they’ll always be available whenever needed! Some people prefer this method over going into one specific location because it allows them to spend time at home while still getting things done for themselves as well such as laundry chores which may take up much longer periods during normal operating days outside these types usually does anyways too.