Why should we use coffee?

What comes to your mind when you think about coffee? The first thing that come to your mind is caffeine, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not good for health, well coffee makes you happy and make you cheer up for your all day. It keeps you active and makes your mind fresh. Office coffee machines have become a fashion now a day’s in Dubai. Coffee beans in Dubai are imported from Tropical Africa. Basically coffee is made by coffee beans which is basically belongs to tropical Africa like Ethopia, Sudan, Madagascar, but now a day’s coffee is cultivated almost 70 countries. It has different colors like black, dark brown, light brown. It is introduced in 15th century. It has become most popular drink in the world, it can be presented in different varieties like cold coffee and hot coffee. Here are some reasons that why should we drink coffee:

Beneficial for liver:

Recently scientist found that drinking coffee reduces the diseases of liver and it makes your liver strong and run your liver long. 

Beneficial for diabetes patients:

Scientists found that drinking coffee control the diabetes. It helps to resist against diabetes. So coffee is good for diabetes patients. 

Beneficial for heart:

Taking two or one cups a day makes your heart strong. It keeps your heart healthy and fresh.

Good for Kidney Diseases:

Coffee is also good for kidney patients. It resists against kidney diseases and reduces the kidney diseases.

Beneficial for colon cancer:

Regular use of coffee is beneficial for colon cancer patients. Researchers found that coffee drinkers are less likely to develop colon cancer. It is also known as bowel cancer. Drinking coffee is good for those patients.

Good for Alzheimer’s patients:

Recent researchers of scientist found that two or three cups of coffee help Alzheimer’s patients to resists against this disease. It is a most common disease in America specially in women’s, but researcher found that old women’s of age 65 and above than 65 who drank this drink were less likely to develop this disease.

 We have discussed the reasons that why should we drink water, but we know that excess of everything is bad for health. So how much we should take this drink which can help us to save from different diseases.

According to some scientist we should take 3 or 4 cups maximum a day with appropriate quantity, which would protect us and help us to resists against some diseases.