Modern Sofa Set Design For Variety of Interior Decors

Sofa set is the focal point of your drawing room, lounge or even reception area. The considerable point is that sofa should give an aesthetic look along with complete comfort. You should get the sofa set which suits the interior of your room where you are going to place it.

Like almost everywhere, upholstery Dubai is available in wide range. You will get to see an extensive range of modern and stylish sofa sets with variety of color options. Today in this article you will get to know about innovative and modern styled sofa upholstery in detail.

Find out more below:

Velvet Chesterfield Styled Sofa:

Classic chesterfield style is something to love, but when it comes to sofa set you will want to have much more modern and appealing look. This velvet chesterfield styled sofa acquires properties like chenille upholstery, cushions that have reversible seats attached to them, along with lumbar side pillows that are perfectly matched with sofa. You can get this sofa set in variety of colors, you can choose according to your preference and interior of your room.

Modernica Styled Sofa:

This is the perfect fit you can select from dozens of upholstery and different combinations of finishes you can get. This modernica sofa set will fit in your interior accurately. This styled sofa will be perfect for any modern styled interior décor but it will look much great in home which’s interior is designed with minimalism, futurism, and contemporary style.

Le Corbusier Styled Sofa:

This sofa set is manufactured by getting inspiration from grand confront series by Le Corbusier. This is the innovative modern designed sofa set. It is perfect to for the ones who want to represent like a cool industrial style interior. This design of sofa set get first manufactured in 1928 and still being used as modern style sofa set.

Scandinavian Style Convertible Couch Bed:

This is simple and flexible styled sofa set along with style. It is convertible sofa set gives you several ways to enjoy the comfort. You can lay on this sofa as a bed and recline again back as sofa to watch movies or read books, as a lounging posture. This sofa gives a very stylish look to your interior. This is especially recommended for ones who have less space in home and cannot place sofa and bed separately. They can get this to solve their problem.