Disadvantages of civil engineering

Obviously here is much benefits of having civil engineering degree but here are some lacking that civil engineer have to face. You don’t have so much time for others and even for the family which sometime makes you irritated and you get so busy after getting a job. Civil engineering consultants in Dubai are the best example. Even electrical engineering in Dubai is included with it.

Here some disadvantages that you should know before getting in this field.


  1. In this study have not so much advantage even pharmacy degree holder earn more than a civil engineers. And here is no advantage if your father is not a builder because if your father is a builder you can handover his business.
  2. In this study life gets stuck in work, always you have to visit the sites.. you have to spend all the time with labor so your education gets die even you cant remember the English words.
  3. There is no job security in this field here you are so rich and on other hand you get beggar.
  4. Being a civil engineer just forgets you family time comes even when you forget the faces of you family members. You always have to on site and attend any family function or party. Even you don’t have a girl in your life.
  5. If your country economy is bad so construction work will stop and you can get unemployed. So future could be insecure in this field.
  6. Other degree holders are earning more than civil engineer like software engineers they paid more salaries than a civil engineer. And civil engineer earns this money after 20 or 30 years. 
  7. You can die with regret that what you have done with your life and why you took admission in civil engineering and try to kill this men who suggested you this study.
  8. If city has developed so your work will be stop and have to find some more work to fulfill your needs.
  9. Where you have to work all the day this place has extreme condition for work you can’t stay there all the time. Which makes you so irritated in life?
  10. There is less jobs in private sector and government jobs are not provided all the time and to get government job you need to have a strong relation or reference.
  11. There are less safety measures on site so you have