The Dubai art season

It is no secret that art and design have been changing in the UAE with more and more people being able to take on careers in the field. As with developments in other fields, people need people to be able to see past their limited understanding of design and transcend geography to become an international hub for design. Enter the Dubai art season.

This is a period of time where the growth of the Emirates regarding art and design seeks to be highlighted on an international platform. The season involves different cultural events, exhibitions, and other such activities.

The art season has in the previous editions been embraced by many creative enterprises in the nation with each seeking to showcase their artistic contributions to the society.

This year’s art season was in the months of March and April.

Events were such as the Modern symposium which is an art conference that involves leading experts in the world. Normally, the experts converge to exchange ideas, information, insights and milestones in the field.

Another event was at the Dubai Design Days whereby the focus was solely on design.

The Dubai Art Season is normally given oversight by the Creative Arts Authority and it is usually focused on artists who are based in the UAE region seeking to give them global influence and recognition.

At the end of this year’s season, artists placed art pieces all around the city for people to see. It was surreal.

It involved an education session that called for the participation of education programs in Abu Dhabi including fun workshops that span different age groups every day. If you have never had fun with paint perhaps you may want to take part in the next edition. This year’s saw people using paint to make abstract art with their bodies during workshops as a bonding experience between caregivers and their children.

The highlight events during the season were the Design Days Dubai, SIKKA art fair, and the International Calligraphy Dubai exhibition.

Few governments in the world have demonstrated their commitment to progress in the area of art, design, and fashion like the UAE government. The embodiment of that dedication is the art season which has so far seen four editions.

It has helped to put the city as a flag bearer in the sector although quite frankly, they are not there yet. The season has caused a change in how people see design and made it easier for designers specifically female ones to make a living from their craft.

The public displays, exhibitions, and other performances have given some artists a stage to showcase their skill. Public performances included spoken word poetry which is an initiative to complement the National Month of reading in the UAE.

It is simply the region’s biggest are event and it is the desire of every artist to participate; or at least, it ought to be, seeing as it will give their career a great boost. Local artists are usually given an opportunity to work with international brands which gives them a bigger